Personal Taxes

San Tan CPA offers accurate, quick and painless preparation of your personal income taxes. Taking an active approach to avoid surprises at tax time, we stay current with changes in tax laws and can advise you on credits or deductions you may be able to take. San Tan CPA will help you strategize and minimize your tax liability to maximize your financial growth.

Business Taxes

At San Tan CPA, our focus is to meet the special tax needs of businesses. We have the experience to direct your business through the complex rules. San Tan CPA also has the knowledge to advise you on the most current tax laws to help you strategize for the future and to minimize your current tax liability.

Tax Planning

Tax Planning is something all of us need - whether we file as individuals or businesses. From payroll to sales tax to deductions, San Tan CPA can educate you about year-round planning, tax-season preparation and filing, liability and record-keeping.  We can also assist you in deciding whether you want to plan your business according to a calendar or fiscal year, and find out what to do if you are audited.

Ready to get started?

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